About Us

58 WORKSHOP is an Online Concept Store offering unique items by premier and newcomer designers. We are inspired by the concept of Arts and Crafts. We believe that every single handcrafted object is a part of designers' soul, their passion and a moment of their life.
As our high quality products are handmade, they are limited in quantity. In most cases, our Customer becomes the only one proud owner of a specific item. But still, some items come in different sizes and colors.

58 WORKSHOP was launched for art, design and fashion lovers from all over the world who want to receive personalized shopping services and get tailor made or limited edition products and not pay too much for that, who want to be engaged in apparel and clothing creation process and who like to discover new brands. 58workshop.com offers unique pieces, gives an option to get a tailor made products and be engaged in a creation process.

Our value proposition is built upon three key pillars: uniqueness, personalisation and exceptional service.

Kanchaveli for 58 WORKSHOP

Kanchaveli is a label designed by Georgian designer Tsago Kanchaveli. After years of experience in designing and handcrafting jewelry, accessories and leather goods, Kanchaveli started to create unique handcrafted items for 58 WORKSHOP. Her creations are featured on the online store among other designers.